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June, 2018
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3 Ways to Choose the Perfect Care Center for Your Family


Working parents do not have the luxury to spend a lot of time with their children. They need to make sure their children are well catered to and they get the attention they deserve. However, making sure that happens on a daily basis can be rather difficult. To ensure your children are being treated well, are eating on the right time and are also playing when they want to relax, you need to make sure someone is at their service all the time.

Hiring a nanny or having a babysitter at your home does not mean your kid’s life is as fun and exciting as you want it to be. Furthermore, the child might not get sufficient attention from the nanny. You need to make sure there is someone dedicated for your child when you’re unable to grant him love and attention.

The best option for you is to choose a childcare center for your children of different ages to be absolutely worry free of his eating, playing and relaxing habits. Following are some tips to choose the right childcare center for your children:

1. Family Care Availability

If you’re a working parent and have an elderly to care for, you need to make sure you select a care center that is meant for people of all ages. Imagine leaving your kids with your mother at a fun and exciting place. It’s almost as if they will be at home, with the change of location and someone to care for them throughout the day.

Family day care Adelaide is the best option to sustain health, excitement and relaxing routine for your kids and the elderly at home.

2. Check for References

It is important that you check the reference and recommendations for your care facility. You need to make sure you check for references, recommendations and reviews of the care facility you want to get your family members in. Credentials of a place will make you understand the overall presence and credibility of the place you’re getting your family members into.

healthcare recommendations

Furthermore, there is a sense of reliability associated with the firms that are open and loyal about their references and recommendations. Try to go for a place that has been accredited with people you may know. Secondly, you have every right to ask questions and understand the standing of the care center.

3. Choose A Nearby Facility

It is very important that emergency situations are all covered when selecting a care facility for family members. For example, in case of an emergency, your family members need to be able to reach you at work or home when needed. Try to choose a facility that is located near your house so it becomes reachable and within a small distance.

Spaghetti with garlic cabbage oil and chilli pepper

Today I suggest a light recipe that a little ‘mocks the pasta taking the appearance, the Spaghetti with garlic oil and chili.

A way to stay light and maybe on a diet if you want to reduce carbohydrates without regretting a more substantial and enjoyable for the palate or simply to change your way of eating.

There is a low carb diet that is carbohydrate-free, but like all one-way diets the results are relatively fast but not lasting with the likelihood of even causing discomfort to our body. (news here )

Obviously in Italy it is a diet that meets a lot of resistance given that we are the queen of the table pasta, but the ideal is always the balance of all foods, then call for categorical diets and freedom to have fun revisiting dishes maybe deceiving the eye but with satisfaction for the stomach.

find the recipe on no.2 of Say Good in which I participated with some recipes and photos, but regardless of the recipe I recommend you take time to relax and browse the magazine, you will find many summer recipes and tasty.

In this issue Sardinia is the leading region, of which you will also find some typical recipes with the right combination of local wine.

Then a reading advice with a review of a book accompanied by a recipe.

And for those with a green thumb or for those who want to test themselves, you can discover how to equip your balcony garden.

What are you waiting for … start to browse 🙂

Opens the Garda cycle path, the most spectacular in Europe

the first two kilometers of the most spectacular cycle path in Europe will be inaugurated: Garda by Bike .

The track will allow you to ride or walk enjoying a breathtaking view of the lake up to the border with the province of Trento.

The Garda cycle path will be a unique worldwide work, over 140 kilometers long, which forms the Ciclovia del Garda, integrated and connected with other important cycle paths.

The Garda cycle path will connect Capo Reamol to Limone, on the border with Trentino Alto Adige, along the Strada Statale 45bis Gardesana with some breathtaking cantilever passages and a veritable walkway overlooking the lake.

Antonio Martinelli, councilor for public works, interviewed by SiViaggia , commented a few months ago: “You will have the sensation of ‘walking’ by bike on the water. There will be some beautiful panoramic points, such as Capo Reamol and the border between the province of Brescia and Trento, with headlands from where you can admire the whole lake “ . The end of the cycle path coincides with the war memorial of the First World War.

In addition to giving tourists a breathtaking view , the new cycle-pedestrian track is also beautiful to see: the flooring was made of wood-like material, but resistant to the elements, and along the whole stretch runs a very thin protective barrier of steel which has less visual impact on the landscape. The steel beams that support it are anchored directly to the overhanging rocks, the parapet or the water.

For years there was talk of the construction of a cycle path that runs along the entire circumnavigation of Lake Garda, joining the Trentino side to the Verona and Brescia in a single itinerary of 140 km dedicated to cycling.

Over the years, some cycling routes had already been completed and opened to cyclists, such as the one between Torbole and Riva del Garda, where it joins the Valle dei Laghi cycle path towards Salò.

The cycle path ‘Garda by Bike’ will be connected to the Ciclovia del Sole and the Ciclovia Vento (the cycling route of the Po). Once completed it will offer a long-distance network at a national scale of over one thousand kilometers long .

The Lake Garda is one of the havens for cyclists in Europe, especially for visitors from Germany, Austria and those from northern Europe who each year reach the area by the thousands to enjoy the mild climate and the numerous services dedicated just to those who spend their days by bike.