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Huge Benefits of Private Christian Schools Gold Coast

Real faith is described in many ways. However, the only indisputable description that fits real faith is doing everything – professionally or personally, for the glory of God.

Christian parents on the Gold Coast want to integrate Christian principles with their children at their earliest age. The effectiveness of Christian education provided by private Christian schools, Gold Coast has become more valuable in today’s setting where Christian beliefs are always under fire.

The power of simple faith is undebatable. This makes it crucial for Christian parents to instil the Christian belief in their children not only during Sundays but every day.

With this said, how indispensable are private Christian schools, Gold Coast to Christian parents and children?

Children are helped in keeping up their Christian faith when they are daily exposed to Christian education. The huge benefits private Christian schools help to keep the faith strong in children of all ages include:

Focused attention

 The teacher-student ratio in public schools makes teachers inadequately provide attention to all their students. Private Christian schools, on the other hand, offer more focused attention on all their students. The 12.5 student ratio per teacher in a private Christian school setting makes it the ideal number class setting.

Dedicated teachers

Dedicated teachers that can properly motivate students to learn and excel are usually attracted to private Christian schools. The congenial class settings make students flourish in advanced programs in classical liberal arts, advanced chemistry, mathematics, electronics, physics, and so much more.

A peaceful learning place

Bullying has become an issue in congested public school settings. Private Christian schools integrate strict and moral character rules of conduct that consider bullying and acts of violence unacceptable behaviours.

Shapes children to become matured and responsible adults

Children sharing the same Christian values help to shape them into mature and responsible adults. The equally moral peers children interact with every day help them to understand living under God’s love.

Peer interaction

Being able to interact with like-minded practicing Christian peers make school life less lonely. The struggle to belong becomes real when Christian children are made to interact with peers that do not understand God and the message of the Bible.

Daily Biblical lesson exposure

The moral development of young children is reinforced when they are exposed to daily Biblical lessons. Young children need a steady hand and leadership of their teachers for them to stay aware and attuned to the Christian way of living.

Provide Christian curriculum materials

Private schools are given the flexibility of creating programs so long as they cater to the proper educational needs of children. The curriculum materials provided by Christian schools are in line with the Christian values being taught to the children. Books that are considered inappropriate are always avoided being placed in the school libraries of private Christian schools.

Instill family values

The critical role of parents is always recognised by private Christian schools. The proper respect deserved by parents and other important family values is always important things taught in Christian schools.

What they hear and see at an early age are the things that children learn from. Parents living by Christian example are important. Deepening the message of faith and hope in God is acquired when children are acquired when they are made to attend a good Christian school. Contact us at Saint Stephens private Christian school to know more about us.

The Importance of Children Attending an Early Learning Centre

Children have a huge impact on our society. Early learning for them is incredibly helpful and important. As their brains begin to develop, they are now open to learning language, arts, and math. These are all important to their growth as well as social-emotional development. In early childhood education, there are many things that children will learn and here are just a few of the important reasons that they should start school early.

Years 0 to 5

Researchers all over the world have spoken out about how important education is during the first five years of a child’s life. In those first five years, a child can learn physical skills such as cutting, drawing, throwing, kicking, jumping, and running, just to name a few. Children also learn how to relate to the other children in the classroom. For example, an only child without siblings at home can learn how to share in an early education school. When they are made to share toys at schools with other children, they begin learning the value of items.

During the early years of school that takes place in an early learning centre, children also learn how to communicate better. Their teachers will show them how to write their name, names of colours, what numerals look like, and how to put a puzzle together. Some early learning schools also have a language teacher that comes in to teach the children. The first five years of a child’s life are the most important when it comes to learning a new language and developing their home language. If children do not practice their language skills during this crucial time, they could lose the knowledge they have of it.

More Important Factors

When children attend school at an early age, they are learning skills that will last their entire lives. For example, research has shown that children who start school at early learning centres will go on to having a better career when they grow up. These children are also less likely to commit a crime and end up in jail as an adult. They are destined to make more money in the career field that they end up choosing. Early childhood education is not just daycare, it is a way to help bring ideas and knowledge to all children. It can impact their lives forever.

Children need to be able to learn how to express their ideas and thoughts. With early learning, they now have a chance to do so. They can express their musical and artistic skills and hone in on their writing and reading skills. These early learning schools are a great way to build the futures of our children. Simply by taking the step to place your child in early learning is a positive way to impact their lives for good.

Early learning positively affects a number of important aspects of a child’s overall development. The learning that takes place from the age of zero to five is essential and studies have shown that the content taught and learned during this particular time in a child’s life continue to shape and affect their overall learning experience. Consider the various learning songs, nursery rhymes that teach manners, and religious songs that children learn in early learning centres from the time they are infants and the fact that they stay with them all throughout their lives. They often teach those same songs to their children and grandchildren because they are so deeply ingrained in their long term memory!

Sippy Downs Early Learning and Child Care is a facility that can help mold your child’s growth and development. Find out more when you visit their website.

How to prepare for kindergarten as a parent

Most probably, most parents are never ready to part with their children by taking them to day care centres, just like their children. It, however, reduces the headache to premeditate the entire venture before enrolling your child in the nearest day care centre in your town. Parents need to prepare and be ready for when the basic learning should commence for their child. Remember, you may have to be strong both physically and emotionally for your child to support them through the tough early days in school.

Physical and emotional preparation

As indicated above, physical and emotional preparation is necessary for parents and not forgetting their children too. On the physical side, ensure your child has fine motor skills that could assist them in moving and handling errands appropriately while in the school premises. Train them on how to hold items like pens, books, and lunchboxes, among others, before enrolling them in any day care centres. Ascertain the various toilet rules in different schools to decide whether potty training is relevant at this stage or not. Most of these skills are taught at schools, but it proves better to commence the training while helping your children master them.

Emotionally, prepare yourself not to feel guilty or lonely by staying away from your newborn child. The guilt may be disastrous, acting as a distraction during the day and even influencing your career and performance. By looking for a quality school, you can get rid of the guilt knowing your child is in safe hands. You may also train your son or daughter to stay away from you for a few hours before enrolling them into your ideal institution. Call in a babysitter or nanny from time to time as you to step in for you while you handle other issues. The baby may, through this, be ready to attend school and begin socialising.

Benefits of hiring day care centres

Before commencing formal education, your child needs to have been training on basic education children get in day care centres and kindergartens. By allowing them to start learning early, you develop their brains and prepare them for whatever may be coming next. Here are a few advantages of finding the best day care for your son or daughter.

1. Learn socialising skills

Schools are places with massive gatherings both in and out of class. Your child should, therefore, be able to meet a lot of peers and teachers who they can learn from. Besides learning, they can make new friends and improve their socialisation skills while at a young age.

2. Mastery of adhering to the schedule

The moment a child begins to be time conscious while young, then following schedules later in life can never be a hard exam. Enrol them in fine school where they can master timekeeping, among other useful hacks in life.

3. Easy transitioning to formal education

From kindergarten, it is easier for children to settle into formal education. Skipping this crucial basic step may be the difference between a sharp kid and a slow learner; it all depends on what you prefer for your child.

4. Peace of mind

Parents have to agree that between watching their children and going about their daily activities, a lot of stress can be injected into their lives. It furthermore worries them more to be apart from their children but not if they found the best Wynnum child care centre for their child. You can now focus on your work, knowing that your child is in safe hands.


The factors that lead to the high cost of child care services in Clayton

One of the hardest decisions that most working parents have to make is whether it is advisable to take their children to child care centres or not. In Clayton, the cost of child care service is rising every day. Therefore, most parents think that they are spending so much money catering to the cost of the services that they get in different child care centres.

While there are several types of child care options that the parents can choose for their children, all of them have been very expensive. The fact that working parents are very busy, they have to pay for all the money that they are charged. However, if you are a new parent who is wondering why the cost of child care services is going up every day, look up these child care of choice.

The ratio between the caregiver and children

When you want to make so many profits when you are in business, you have to make sure that you hire as many employees as you can.  When you are in the child care business, you have to ensure that you have as many children in the child care centre so that you can earn lots of money. However, when you have as many caregivers as possible, you will have to ensure that you raise enough money that can pay them by the end of the month.   The more the caregivers in the child care centre, the higher the attention that is paid to the children in the child care centre. Thus, the parents taking the children in such a childcare centre will have to pay for more services.

The location of the child care centre

The other factors that are affecting the charges that you pay in the different child care centres in Clayton are the location of the child care centres. When most people are looking for child care centres, they will look for the qualities of the child care that they will select. Consequently, the location of those child care centres will be a matter to consider. When the child care centre is located in the towns, the cost of living is high, and hence the cost of child care is also high.

The level of training of the caregivers

The level of training of the caregivers that are employed in the child care centres will also determine the cost of the services that the caregivers offer.  For this reason, the owners of the child care centre will have to ensure that the costs of the services are higher so that the caregivers can raise enough money for the sake of the caregivers they have employed. This, in return, increases the charges for the child care services offered at the child care centre. Consequently, the level of training of the caregivers will also affect the costs of services. If the child care centres in Clayton have the most qualified and experienced caregivers, the cost of the services that you get will be high.

The cost of living

When the cost of living is high, the cost of food, labour and other utilities also increase.  When this happens, a child care centre will have to spend so much money in buying the food required for the children, cater for the bills and other utilities required. This, in return, makes the child care centre have to get more funds to ensure that whatever is needed in a child care centre is available. Therefore, the cost of services offered in the child care centre will increase.


Fun activities to enjoy at home with your little ones during lockdown

Let’s face it, things are stressful. With the kids at home, working from home can be quite draining. There are so many things to juggle at the same time. With day care centers closed due to lock down, keeping children busy can be a major chore.

Below are a few fun activities suggested by the care givers at Childcare Center Darwin to keep your little ones busy


Suggested activities for infants

  • Use board books. The vivid colors and designs are eye catching and can kids interested for quite some time. Allow them to touch the books and trace the drawings to get an idea of how the story would develop. If possible get your hands on sensory book which have different textures and colors to keep the little ones interested.
  • Try to change your voice during storytelling to catch their attention. Children love the sound which you would make. They find it funny and gets their interest immediately.
  • Let them enjoy some tummy time. Allow them to pay with objects which they can reach out to and play with.
  • Use toys which play music. Its sensory approach which the little ones love.
  • Peek a boo is a good activity too. Children this age can play peek a boo for minutes and not get tired. Plus the rewarding sound of their laughter is sure to raise your spirits up a bit.
  • For older infants taste safe paint is a good option and allows them to explore their artistic side. Just spread a few newspaper on the floor and let the children explore the world of colors.

Activities for Toddlers

  • Just like infants, toddlers love a good story as well. In fact you can use socks and turn them into puppets to act out the story. Involve the children in making those puppets by allowing them to stick googly eyes and so on.
  • Let children enjoy the fresh air by taking them out into the balcony.
  • A sensory bin is a great way of building your toddlers interest. Add different materials to keep your toddler busy.
  • Taste safe play dough can be made at home. Check out a few tutorials on YouTube. You can even make slime at home.
  • Make necklaces from fruit loops using strings. This also helps build their motor skills
  • Hand them paper and color pencils and let them color to their heart’s content


Activities for older children

  • Older children can be involved in basic cooking and baking activities. There are ways in which you can make no bake cakes using biscuits and basic whipped cream. Children love to help out in the kitchen. Plus it keeps them happily occupied.
  • Involve them in playing with slime and play dough.
  • Build sculptures using recycled materials. There is a whole list of stem activities which young children can get involved in.
  • A lot them some quite time to sit down and do a bit of reading
  • Involve them in playing board games.

Insight Child Care Centre in Darwin recommends the activities above to keep your kids busy and creative despite the current situation.

What to look at when looking for Nerang childcare centres

Are you a busy parent residing in Nerang and you are wondering whether you could find any childcare centre where your child can be taken care of when you are not around? Have you been visiting some of the Nerang childcare centres but you have not found a place for your child? In case you have been looking for the childcare centres without finding one that you can take your child to, then you do not know what to look for in childcare.

There is a high probability that you have visited some of the childcare centres where you can take your child without knowing. For this reason, any time that you are looking for a childcare centre in Nerang, ensure that you know what to look for. This will help you know whether the childcare centre you visit qualifies, or you should visit more.

You can even list down some of the things that you think are essential in childcare so that you can compare what you find and what you have. However, if you do not know what to look for, you will not be in a position to select a good childcare centre for your child. The following are some of the things that you could consider looking at when you are looking for a childcare facility in Nerang.

1. Hygiene

One of the things that you need to look when you are looking for childcare is the level of hygiene in the centre. This is because your child is very sensitive to the environment that they live in and hence if they are exposed to a place where there is no hygiene observed, they will fall sick time and again. For this reason, ensure that you select the childcare centre, such as Kinder Cottage childcare in Nerang, that observes hygiene to ensure that your child is healthy.  The childcare centre must be clean and also they must have a safe water source since if you child feels thirsty, they will give them water and if it comes from an unsafe source, the health conditions of your child may be endangered.

2. The number of caregivers

The other important thing to look at is the number of caregivers in any Nerang childcare centre. This is because there are centres which employ a good number of caregivers while others are very mean and hence they employ few caregivers. The number of caregivers will determine whether your child will get the attention they require.

3. Qualification and experience levels of the caregivers

It is the joy of every parent that their child to be taken care of by someone who is trained and experienced. For this reason, you should ensure that you check the level of experience the caregivers have and also find out whether they are qualified or not. This will help you to know whether the caregivers will have the ability to handle your child or not.

4. The number of children in the centre

The other thing you need to look at is the number of children in the facility. This will help you to know whether the centre is overcrowded or not. In case the population is too high, consider selecting another centre where your child will be given the attention they need.

5.The charges of the services offered

Looking at the fees that are charged for the services offered is also important. It ensures that you do not choose a childcare centre that is too high for you to pay.

Kindergarten Deception Bay: Why play based learning is important

With the new school year about to begin, most parents are considering sending their children to a kindergarten in Deception Bay. There are different schools which offer early education. While they may not follow the same curriculum but the objectives of learning through play remain same throughout.

Most people consider that their child would only be playing throughout the year they spend in kindergarten. It should though be kept in mind that the play in kindergarten is usually structured play which aims to develop different skills in a child. The play is designed in a way to enhance their listening speaking, reading and writing skills. Not only this, but the focus is also on helping develop the child’s personality as well. Through basic interactions children learn all the necessary social norms. It helps shape their personality and helps them develop their mental and academic abilities at a steady pace.

So how does kindergarten play actually help your child?

What can your child gain through play based programs?

  • The play based programs at kindergarten actually aim at teaching and learning. The play could either be free play which the child would spontaneously perform using any of at the activity stations in the classroom. It is also a directed form of play which is initiated by the teacher. However, the approach used by the teacher is so much fun that the child doesn’t realize that they are learning. They just indulge in the activities happily and learn new things without feeling any sort of pressure.
  • The simple fact that the child is involved in the play allow them to explore and discover things on their own. Children basically learn by doing and when the experience things first hand they are able to assimilate the concept much better. For example a child who is learning to count would do much better when they make use of objects to help them count. It help enhance their concept on numbers. The use of abacus and other such interactive material can help your child learn a great deal.
  • Play helps keep a child’s attitude positive. Since children are innately curious they always want to know more about things. The children learn a lot of things at circle time. When their teachers tell the stories, there is always a lesson to be learnt from those stories. Since children are curious they would always pay attention to what their teacher is telling them. Pus the story telling is usually doe imitating the voice of the character or through the use of puppets. This makes the whole activity a great deal more interesting.
  • Teachers usually motivate children by encouraging them to explore things or be inquisitive about anything. This helps the children learn new things in a fun way. This approach of play in kindergarten helps keep children engaged and doesn’t let them feel any sort of pressure.

The importance of play at kindergarten can’t be undermined. Bay Explorers are a kindergarten in Deception Bay that focuses on a play based learning approach.

Fascinating Facts about ISO Accreditation

Business organization are aware of how important it is to get ISO accreditation for their company. However, for new business owners the term might be quite confusing. The following are a few fascinating facts regarding ISO accreditation, which would help make things simpler to understand.

  • ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It’s an organization which is responsible for developing international standards for businesses and services. The standards are designed to give a specific set of ideas for businesses to follow for their good and products. This in turn helps the industries to become more efficient and recognize an international standard for their business.
  • There are a total of 178 companies which are the members of ISO
  • Around technical bodies are responsible for setting the standard development
  • There are almost 20’000 separate ISO standards
  • ISO 9001 are standards associated with quality management systems. These provide the necessary information for companies to ensure that their products and services meet the different requirements of their clients and helps ensure improvement in the quality of their products or goods


Sections of ISO 9001

There are around 8 sections of ISO 9001. These eight sections deal with a variety of aspects related to quality management. These include:


Why should companies consider getting certified?

The following are a few reasons why companies seek certification:

  • Customers prefer doing business with a company which has an ISO accreditation or certification. It is usually their sole demand when conducting a business with any of the companies they choose to work with.
  • Leads to brand equity. This means that businesses suffer fewer losses in terms of product recalls and help ensure that all the products designed by the company are of finest quality thus preventing the business from suffering a major financial loss.
  • When businesses are able to avoid products recalls or cost damage to their goods, they are able to profit more in the long run.
  • There are also a great many financial benefits which comes with being ISO certified. Such businesses tend to be more competent ten their peers and often average greater on profits as well. Research has proved that such companies are paid 7.5% more than companies which may not be registered.
  • The overall perception of the company improves as well. Business owners feel proud of their accomplishment and it helps them gain confidence to allow their business to reach new market potential without the fear of failure.
  • There is also a higher demand for the services of a company which is accredited.
  • The certification also leads to improved financial performance measured in terms of ROA or return on assets
  • The payroll for such companies is higher as well and thus has a improvement on the employ morale as well


There are so many reasons to ensure that your business gets ISO accreditation. However the process doesn’t have to be long and tedious. You may be wondering how to achieve a ISO accreditation. Companies gain the certification by either hiring an in house staff which assesses the complete quality management system or they may hand over the assessment to an outsource company. The individual would then assess the quality management system and make the necessary improvements which would help make the process easier.

Pros Of Taking Your Child To Child Care Centres In Curtin

It is the joy of every parent in Curtin to see their children having the best care they need all the time. Since it is very hard for them for these parents to take their children with them for work, they must get caregivers or take their children to daycares or childcare centres. However, finding the best childcare centres in Curtin may be challenging, especially when you are not patient enough.  Although people think that taking their children to child care centres in Curtin maybe beet expensive, you will realise that the children at the childcare will benefit more than the children with caregivers at home. However, there are several things that you need to consider when you are selecting the best childcare centres in Curtin. Apart from busy parents, other parents also opt to take their children in childcare centres in Curtin due to other reasons. Taking your child to childcare centres such as Busy Bees child care in Curtin can be advantageous, but at the same time, it can be disadvantageous. In this article, we will discuss the pros of taking your child or children to childcare centres in Curtin.

Your children get a chance to socialise with others.

When you take your child in any childcare centre in Curtin, you will also find other children who have been dropped by their parents in the childcare centres. For this reason, your child will never be bored since he or she will have other children to talk to and play with. As the children play and also talk together, they will have a chance to socialise and also get to know each other better. This plays a significant role in developing a child’s social skills.


They are reliable

When you compare the services provided by the nannies at home and the services offered by the childcare centre caregivers,  you will realise that the caregivers in childcare centres in Curtin are much more reliable. For instance, when your kid falls sick, they either have a nurse to treat the child or take the child to the hospital. In the case of a nanny, they will call you from work and ask you to come and take care of your sick child.


Young children are prepared for preschool.

Childcare centres in Curtin also have a programme that allows them to prepare our kids for pre-school life.T his will make your child have a better life once he or she begins to go to school. The caregivers in these centres are trained in a way that they know the curriculum of Curtin and in the course of caregiving, they will teach your children one or two things unlike when you have a nanny.


It is better for physical growth and fitness of your child.

Nannies are always very busy with house chores to such a point that they will never have any time to play or exercise with your kids. For this reason, you need to take your child to a child care centre of your choice in Curtin because they will have a chance to play with other kids and their caregivers. For this reason, your kid will have better physical growth and will also be physically fit due to playing, dancing, and also exercising.

Childcare centres boost your child’s language development

Apart from playing and socialising, taking your child in childcare centres in Curtin is more essential because they will be able to learn their first language from other children and with the help of their trained caregivers.











Boarding Schools in Brisbane

There are a lot of great reasons for sending your child to a boarding school. Considering this kind of private school can make anyone’s decision a little more complicated. That is why it is crucial to understand the benefits of sending one’s child or children to a boarding school.

Top reasons for going to a Boarding or Independent School in Brisbane, Queensland:

  • The teachers are wonderful. The majority, if not all, boarding schools hire teachers that have degrees in the subjects that they are teaching. These teachers have a huge passion to see their students succeed in their classroom and will stop at nothing.
  • The opportunity to play sports. As a general rule, most boarding schools have a great sports facility and opportunity. They also typically have a wide range of sports that your student can choose from.
  • Along with sports they also have great arts programs. Any form of artistic expression and opportunity is usually available at boarding schools. You will find wonderful art teachers who are willing to work with students who want to hone in on their abilities.
  • Your student also gets to live away from home. It never gets easy to live home, but what better way to get ready for college than to spend your high school years away from home. Of course, your student will be under excellent supervision by teachers and mentors that want the best for them.
  • The academic work is challenging. The goal of a boarding school is to get you into a great college. This means that they assign their academic work according to college regulations. The school wants to make sure that you are as prepared as possible for the rigorous college courses that you may face in the future.
  • Your students’ classmates will have the same end goal. No kid is going to go to boarding school unless they plan on going to university and take their education seriously. Your student will be surrounded by those that take their studies seriously and want to be successful.

  • You will have a well-stocked library on the property. Many schools do not have the funds or ability to have a well-maintained and equipped library. This is not the case for boarding schools. You will have every resource needed and imaginable at your fingertips.
  • Your student will learn to be responsible. Sending your child to a boarding school will be a growing experience for you both. These kinds of schools expect their students to take responsibility for their actions and academic life. This is a great way to get students prepared for college and life.
  • The classes are small. Typically, in boarding schools, there are only 10-15 students in each class. This means that each student does not get forgotten. The smaller classes allow the teachers to work with each person where they are at and make sure that they are being successful in their subject.
  • Being smart is normal and expected. At boarding schools, each student is there to learn and be the smartest that they can be. This limits the chances or likelihood of students being bullied for being smart and focused on their academic studies.

The Many Benefits

As you can see, there are so many different benefits to sending your child to boarding school. They are sure to get a focused education while also growing in the use of everyday life skills. Boarding school is certainly worth considering and looking into.