Let’s face it, things are stressful. With the kids at home, working from home can be quite draining. There are so many things to juggle at the same time. With day care centers closed due to lock down, keeping children busy can be a major chore.

Below are a few fun activities suggested by the care givers at Childcare Center Darwin to keep your little ones busy


Suggested activities for infants

  • Use board books. The vivid colors and designs are eye catching and can kids interested for quite some time. Allow them to touch the books and trace the drawings to get an idea of how the story would develop. If possible get your hands on sensory book which have different textures and colors to keep the little ones interested.
  • Try to change your voice during storytelling to catch their attention. Children love the sound which you would make. They find it funny and gets their interest immediately.
  • Let them enjoy some tummy time. Allow them to pay with objects which they can reach out to and play with.
  • Use toys which play music. Its sensory approach which the little ones love.
  • Peek a boo is a good activity too. Children this age can play peek a boo for minutes and not get tired. Plus the rewarding sound of their laughter is sure to raise your spirits up a bit.
  • For older infants taste safe paint is a good option and allows them to explore their artistic side. Just spread a few newspaper on the floor and let the children explore the world of colors.

Activities for Toddlers

  • Just like infants, toddlers love a good story as well. In fact you can use socks and turn them into puppets to act out the story. Involve the children in making those puppets by allowing them to stick googly eyes and so on.
  • Let children enjoy the fresh air by taking them out into the balcony.
  • A sensory bin is a great way of building your toddlers interest. Add different materials to keep your toddler busy.
  • Taste safe play dough can be made at home. Check out a few tutorials on YouTube. You can even make slime at home.
  • Make necklaces from fruit loops using strings. This also helps build their motor skills
  • Hand them paper and color pencils and let them color to their heart’s content


Activities for older children

  • Older children can be involved in basic cooking and baking activities. There are ways in which you can make no bake cakes using biscuits and basic whipped cream. Children love to help out in the kitchen. Plus it keeps them happily occupied.
  • Involve them in playing with slime and play dough.
  • Build sculptures using recycled materials. There is a whole list of stem activities which young children can get involved in.
  • A lot them some quite time to sit down and do a bit of reading
  • Involve them in playing board games.

Insight Child Care Centre in Darwin recommends the activities above to keep your kids busy and creative despite the current situation.