With the new school year about to begin, most parents are considering sending their children to a kindergarten in Deception Bay. There are different schools which offer early education. While they may not follow the same curriculum but the objectives of learning through play remain same throughout.

Most people consider that their child would only be playing throughout the year they spend in kindergarten. It should though be kept in mind that the play in kindergarten is usually structured play which aims to develop different skills in a child. The play is designed in a way to enhance their listening speaking, reading and writing skills. Not only this, but the focus is also on helping develop the child’s personality as well. Through basic interactions children learn all the necessary social norms. It helps shape their personality and helps them develop their mental and academic abilities at a steady pace.

So how does kindergarten play actually help your child?

What can your child gain through play based programs?

  • The play based programs at kindergarten actually aim at teaching and learning. The play could either be free play which the child would spontaneously perform using any of at the activity stations in the classroom. It is also a directed form of play which is initiated by the teacher. However, the approach used by the teacher is so much fun that the child doesn’t realize that they are learning. They just indulge in the activities happily and learn new things without feeling any sort of pressure.
  • The simple fact that the child is involved in the play allow them to explore and discover things on their own. Children basically learn by doing and when the experience things first hand they are able to assimilate the concept much better. For example a child who is learning to count would do much better when they make use of objects to help them count. It help enhance their concept on numbers. The use of abacus and other such interactive material can help your child learn a great deal.
  • Play helps keep a child’s attitude positive. Since children are innately curious they always want to know more about things. The children learn a lot of things at circle time. When their teachers tell the stories, there is always a lesson to be learnt from those stories. Since children are curious they would always pay attention to what their teacher is telling them. Pus the story telling is usually doe imitating the voice of the character or through the use of puppets. This makes the whole activity a great deal more interesting.
  • Teachers usually motivate children by encouraging them to explore things or be inquisitive about anything. This helps the children learn new things in a fun way. This approach of play in kindergarten helps keep children engaged and doesn’t let them feel any sort of pressure.

The importance of play at kindergarten can’t be undermined. Bay Explorers are a kindergarten in Deception Bay that focuses on a play based learning approach.