When you sign up for a meth test training course in Melbourne, you would be taught to test a person for the presence of meth in the body. The following are some of the ways in which a meth test can be conducted.

There are around four kinds of meth drug tests, these include the following:

  • Urine drug test. This is the most common way of testing a user for the presence of meth in the body. It’s pretty easy to conduct, that’s why it’s commonly used as well. It’s quite accurate and gives fast results as well.
  • Hair drug test for the identification of meth. It can find the presence of meth in any hair on the body of a meth user. The average time period for identifying meth use can last for up to ninety days. So if someone used meth even a month or two ago and never again, the hair drug test can reveal the presence of meth in the contaminated hair. It can even help find out how, when and what dosage of the drug had been imbibed. It’s a pretty accurate test and one which requires a detailed analysis.
  • Saliva testing for meth. This is the kind of test which can be carried out almost any place and the results are immediate and accurate as well. it is slowly replacing the urine test method for detecting meth mainly because of its faster and more accurate results. There is no waiting period involved.
  • The blood test for detecting meth. Of all the mentioned drug tests this one is by far the most accurate one to date.

A person who undergoes a meth tests is normally tested for the presence of amphetamine or crystal meth. The tester though may not be sure which of these drugs in sued because it is normally broken down into components once it enters the bloodstream. But the presence of meth in any form is easily identifiable because of the above mentioned tests.

What factors influence the meth test?

The following are few of the reasons which would influence the results of a meth test;

  • The amount and the number of times, the meth has been used. Smaller doses may not be so easily detectable unlike those which occur with continuous use.
  • Your metabolism would also influence the drug test. People with a low metabolic rate have an instance of having the meth detected much easily then those who normally have a high metabolism.
  • The more the body mass the lower would be the metabolism. Therefore the person’s weight also has an influence on the detection of meth.
  • The overall health of an individual would also have a direct effect on the results of the test.

Keep in mind that each person’s drug detention time varies. This is mainly due to the above mentioned factors. All this can be understood in detail when a person undergoes a meth test training course in Melbourne.