Today I suggest a light recipe that a little ‘mocks the pasta taking the appearance, the Spaghetti with garlic oil and chili.

A way to stay light and maybe on a diet if you want to reduce carbohydrates without regretting a more substantial and enjoyable for the palate or simply to change your way of eating.

There is a low carb diet that is carbohydrate-free, but like all one-way diets the results are relatively fast but not lasting with the likelihood of even causing discomfort to our body. (news here )

Obviously in Italy it is a diet that meets a lot of resistance given that we are the queen of the table pasta, but the ideal is always the balance of all foods, then call for categorical diets and freedom to have fun revisiting dishes maybe deceiving the eye but with satisfaction for the stomach.

find the recipe on no.2 of Say Good in which I participated with some recipes and photos, but regardless of the recipe I recommend you take time to relax and browse the magazine, you will find many summer recipes and tasty.

In this issue Sardinia is the leading region, of which you will also find some typical recipes with the right combination of local wine.

Then a reading advice with a review of a book accompanied by a recipe.

And for those with a green thumb or for those who want to test themselves, you can discover how to equip your balcony garden.

What are you waiting for … start to browse 🙂